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About st. Mark Lutheran



St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church was formally organized on May 31st, 1959.  Long before this time, however, a small group of Lutherans who came to Roswell as early as 1908 took steps toward forming a congregation. Trinity Lutheran Church was organized in 1912 but due to population decline with the coming of World War I, the church disbanded in the early 1920's. In 1950 and 1955 attempts were made by the United Church in America to start mission work in Roswell.  Surveys were made but no further action was taken.

Work to organize the present congregation began  in November 1958 when the Rev. William R. Hartman, in the capacity of Mission Developer, arrived in Roswell.  By mid December, 4675 homes had been visited. The East Side School building was rented for temporary worship services and the first regular Sunday worship was held there on January 18th, 1959.  The congregation was formally organized on May 31st, 1959 and they called Rev Hartman as their first pastor.

Membership has had several highs and lows over the years due to changes in the local demographics, involvement in military conflict and other factors. The highest membership, at the end of 1964, was 426 baptized members with 223 confirmed. 

Ground breaking on the current home of St. Mark's began on October 15, 1960. The total cost of the first phase of building and the land was $141,500 and included a worship area and a small fellowship space. The first worship in the new building happened on April 1st, 1962. In 1993, construction began on a large kitchen and and fellowship hall plus extensive modifications to the original education wing. Paved parking and improvements to the grounds were added. This renovation cost approximately $200,000 The fellowship hall was dedicated as Hartman Hall, in honor of the churches founder.

Our Staff

Church Administrator

Sandy Winslow:

Sandy and her husband David moved to Roswell in 2001 and have called it home for the past 22 years.  She spent the first 15 years of their life in Roswell, as the finance manager of the International Law Enforcement Academy where she helped initiate the program to train high-level police officials from all over the world.  Previously, she has had over 50 years of experience in accounting, teaching, and administrative work with various organizations throughout the country.

Sandy Website.jpeg

Although those experiences were rewarding, the work at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is the most fulfilling, and the most fun of any job she has ever held.  She has been a member of St. Mark’s for over 10 years and has previously held volunteer positions of Treasurer and Worship Committee member, and Pumpkin Patch coordinator.  She serves as the Assisting Minister at worship services, plays in the chimes choir, and helps Pastor Dan coordinate the daily activities at the church.

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